Please, let’s take a moment to appreciate this man. His generosity, his humility and charity towards others. “Are you freezing cold?” How many celebrities have this care? He seems so pleased with himself, you can see the happiness on his face. It melts my heart. You know, these guys spend hours in the cold, doing their job. And it’s not an easy job, especially because of the arrogance of many celebrities. But this man. This man. All the awards.

feel the urge to mention: wasn’t that the cold soup? where he basically loki’d the man?


That was by accident. He said it was “piping hot” when he left on twitter.

^it was, but Tom tweeted later that it was hot when he put it in the Thermos… idk why people think he would do it for real

^^ Yes. Tom was joking about it. Why people take it so seriously? He would never do that. Come one, guys! Besides, it’s a Thermos! THERMOS.

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