SUP NERDS? So I just got a cool from sis and she found a box of abandoned kittens outside her apartment :( One had already died because of the stupid piece of shit who left them there in the cold, but she shoved the three that were alive in her jacket and took them in.

There’s three of them, and they need homes. I’m gonna try to get my mom to let me keep one, but I’m not counting on it >_>

SO. If you live in kind of the metro Atlanta area, or anywhere really and are willing to drive to get one of these babs, send me a fanmail or ask and we can talk.

These are REALLY YOUNG KITTENS. They SHOULD NOT be away from their mother at this age, so they’re going to need formula and highly attentive owners.

Sister can’t keep them, she has a VERY boisterous Weimaraner who doesn’t understand that batting things with he massive paws can hurt.

Now excuse me while I prepare a presentation on why I need another cat (I want the white one like burning I looks like my old Charlie D:)